Broad, Powerful Shoulders

What to expect 
It's different for everybody, but as the recording progresses, most people typically find themselves extremely relaxed. Falling asleep is very common before the recording is finished. This is fine. The recording includes suggestions to put you into a deep and beneficial sleep before it is finished. That's part of the design built into this night time recording.
Short term results:
The most immediate thing you will notice is that you will be more relaxed and calm during the day after you listen to this recording. This is because of the induction first stage of hypnosis designed to relax you.  If you listen to this recording the night before you train your shoulders, do so without expectations, but in most cases you will find it boosts your workout.  You will find yourself more mentally primed to train your shoulders, and if you have sometimes found it difficult to find the motivation to train, usually this won't be the case after listening to this recording. 
Long term results:
With all of these recordings, the results get better the more you use them. Over time you can find yourself making subtle changes to your diet, to the exercises that you perform during your workout, eg the number of reps you do, or the angle you use in a certain exercise. Things that may not have come to you before. You will usually find your concentration during a workout is enhanced, and your enjoyment for working out increases. Over time this all adds up to creating the physical reality that your mind now perceives to be true: the one you have programmed with your imagination in which broad, powerful shoulders are yours, already. 

Use this program if you intend to:

  • Become stronger and more muscular
  • Focus your training on building broad shoulders for a period of time
  • Increase your training effectiveness with specific shoulder exercises such as dumbbell side laterals
  • Connect with your body through the subconscious  mind via deep relaxation
  • Be more relaxed during every day life 

About this Recording

This MP3 contains a 15 minute spoken hypnotic induction to relax you completely and then it continues with the appropriate scripts to focus your training intensities onto your shoulders including such exercise focuses as incline bench presses, military presses, dumbbell side laterals, for the remaining 22 minutes of the recording.

Big, broad shoulders. A narrow waist and hips. Clean cut features that people notice.  The special frequencies and the short, guided hypnotic introduction on this audio program take you into an alpha state of deep relaxation. This is followed by a hypnotic deepening which places you even further into deep relaxation.

The use of hypnosis in this way, including the frequencies in this recording, is designed to put your brainwave frequencies into theta state, a state in which your mind is proven to be over 200 times more suggestible to the powerful, deltoid muscle building scripts which are then given. 

How to use this Recording:
The benefits of deep relaxation on a consistent basis are scientifically proven to conserve your body’s energy, allowing you to become physically stronger and healthier and less prone to stress related illnesses and injury.

This particular MP3 recording, if used on a daily basis, will introduce these positive benefits into your life, even before the powerful workout scripts are added. Listen to this recording in it’s entirety the night before you train your shoulders is my recommendation, because it will boost your shoulder workout the next day in most cases. Then listen to it again on the night after you have trained your shoulders, and it will powerfully reinforce the positive actions you have just taken in your session of exercise.

Hypnosis is perfect when used soon after an excellent work out because your mind is already on an enjoyable, natural high as the endorphins are still flowing. Listening to this recording in this manner 30 times is my recommendation. After that, you can simply switch to a different recording for a bit. Or take a break the same as you would with a particular exercise routine that had become boring. Every night we go to sleep so it is a highly convenient way to focus your mind in the direction of your goals, by listening to this recording as you do so. Train your shoulders accordingly, and don't be afraid to try something different as it comes to you. This may just be your subconscious mind dishing up something from out of the blue that affects your shoulders like never before...

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